About Charlotte Hofman (1992, Netherlands) has a fascination
for the immaterial and mystical, and that which is just
as absent as present. She works with a variety of media.

Currently working at

PLATVORM, Amsterdam


ARTEZ, Arnhem
Graphic Design
2013 - 2017

Graphic Design
2008 - 2012

Intern at

ATTAK / Powergestaltung
September 2016 - December 2016

Design and Development
February 2011 - June 2011

September 2010 - November 2010


               Graphic Design                Ilustration
Photography                 Spatial                 Visual Diary
Poster Fomo Fatale
Theater Festival Boulevard builds a party at the Bossche Brouwers. The Fomo Fatale curation features work by artists who speak out about their artistic practice. Are they secure in their artistry? And when do they feel free enough? Follow this link for the official page.

15-year anniversary of STOMP
This LP will be given once as a gift to all independent labels in the Netherlands. The biggest independent hits of the past 15 years are represented on it. STOMP is the umbrella organization for independent music producers in the Netherlands.
Poster Kunstbingo 2022
Commissioned by ATTAK.
Beachdog - Self titled
Photography and graphic design for the Beachdog album. The dreamy effect of the photos was not made digitally through editing, but done through experiment with layered textiles and playing with light. It is available as CD and on vinyl in the Snowstar shop.
Text and poster inspired by a feeling I have had for some time about how abstract life sometimes can be, and how sleep is such a crazy phenomenon. Prints are 70 x 100 cm and available via Instagram.
Artwork and photography for my own band SERVICE, in collaboration with Sam Cuppen. Check out our music!

Health is more than the absence of Covid
Poster design for Algemene Beschouwingen (winner jury prize). Visit the Algemene Beschouwingen website for information about the project and to see all submissions. Report of the jury (in Dutch):

Uit een eindselectie van 10 posters koos de jury unaniem de poster "Health is more than the absence of Covid" van Charlotte Hofman als winnaar van Algemene Beschouwingen 2021.

"Het affiche van Charlotte Hofman belichaamt de tijdsgeest en is uitgevoerd in een gelaagde, kleurrijke en esthetisch goede compositie. Typografie, illustratie en inhoud smelten samen. Ze laat zien dat een verkiezingsposter de aandacht kan trekken en je dwingt nog een keer te kijken."
Mattresses of Amsterdam
Book design for the Mattresses of Amsterdam project by Miguel Narings. The project started as an Instagram account. The book is available here.
Design for my thesis 'Historical masquerade; a contemporary view on art and media'. If interested in reading it please send an e-mail and I will provide a copy of the PDF file.